3 Benefits of Used Pallet Options for Shipping Products

Pallets are essential for shipping products, keeping warehouses organized, and moving products around. As you seek out pallet options for your business, one way to purchase the wooden product is through used pallet options. Used pallets are recycled and discarded pallets that have been inspected and are safe to use for your company.

Learn about the advantages of used pallets and how to get the most out of the pallet purchases for your business.

1. Budget Savings

One of the direct benefits has to do with your business budget. Cut down on shipping costs and overhead costs with used pallets. Used pallets will always have a discounted price when compared with standard pallets. The savings will add up over time, especially if you go through a lot of pallet purchases during a fiscal year.

For example, if your business spends $500 a month on pallets but can purchase the used pallets at half the cost, then you will save $3,000 in total during the year. Of course, pallet prices and savings will vary. The total amount you spend each month changes as well. The example just showcases potential savings, especially if you go through a lot of pallets.

You may increase the savings of your budget with bulk used pallet orders. The bulk orders allow you to receive pallets at discounted prices and in large quantities. Consider a large bulk purchase of used pallets to use for several months. You will not worry about running short on pallets, and the early investment will save extra money over time.

2. Automated Pallet Program

The fluctuation of recycled pallets may change based on availability, but you can help guarantee your orders with an automated pallet program. Through the program, you will receive recycled pallets on a regular basis. You do not need to worry about ordering new pallets or seeking out different vendors.

The automated program eliminates the hassle and extra work necessary to order pallets. Once you establish a relationship with a recycled pallet seller, you will have an easy source to automatically deliver pallets.

Pallets come in many shapes and sizes. Set up an automated delivery system for only the pallet sizes you need. A full quote and pricing guide will give you upfront information so you are not surprised with charges as the automated program begins. If your needs for different pallet sizes or quantities change over time, then adjust your delivery options as needed.

3. Reduced Environmental Impact

Modern businesses often try to reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to help the environment and ensure their company does not contribute too much pollution. With pallets mostly made of wood, constantly ordering new pallets can put a drain on wood resources and result in more deforestation as trees are cut down to create the wood.

When you order used pallets, you recycle and use materials already manufactured for business use. The wood in pallets has a long-lasting durability you will often find little to no difference in when shopping for used pallets over new pallets.

Reduce the environmental impact on shipping when you shop for used pallets locally. Pallets delivered by long-distance trucks or cargo planes can cause an increase in your business’s carbon footprint. The extra energy use is unnecessary when you find recycled pallets in the local area.

Utilize the used pallets to promote your business’s efforts to help the environment and showcase the products, along with other environmentally-friendly business practices like solar energy or reduced emissions.

For more information on used pallets, contact us at Pallet Plan B. We can help connect your business to used pallets and provide you with all your pallet needs for years to come.

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